Business Services

Maximize your business using data-driven research.

In developing a new business or developing an existing business, key factors such as financial planning, industry analysis, and marketing strategies are necessary. SHARVD offers clients consultancy and research services to analyze the feasibility of their venture and determine the optimal approach in building a sustainable business.


Business Plan/Feasibility Study

Creates a financial and operational plan to determine the feasibility of a possible business. We utilize students, graduate students, and professional writers for a more holistic perspective on business.

  • Regular Consultancy with team of writers/researchers
  • Business Plan Paper
  • Add-ons: Pitch deck upon request

Business Consultancy Meetings

Face to face discussion with experienced business practitioners on any business topic.

  • Scheduled Meeting with Consultant

Market Research

Analyzes the potential consumer base and competitors in an industry and provides strategies.

  • Market Study Paper
  • Industry Data
  • Add-ons: Pitch deck upon request, Consultancy Meeting

Expansion Study

Intensive research for businesses that wish to expand their operations.

  • Expansion Study Paper
  • Research Data
  • Regular Consultancy with team of writers/researchers
  • Add-ons: Pitch deck upon request