Tech Services

SHARVD Coda Information Services (SCIS), an integral unit of SHARVD Incubation Hub is a Solutions Consultancy Company that specializes in advanced software and systems solely distributed and readily available in the Philippines.

As a Solutions Consultancy Company, SCIS sets itself apart by continuously growing as an exceptional outsourcing unit through solutions consultancy, transformative global solutions, Software as a Service (SaaS), and personalized IT development. SCIS helps companies in the country improve their productivity rate & service level, ease of business, and significantly reduce operational costs. With a global team of developers, partner vendors, and sales engineers, SCIS also offers custom-built systems based on the specific requirements of the business.

In order to bridge the technological gap between the Philippines and the global community, we collaborate with international vendors who provide seamless ready-to-use solutions. These include but are not limited to:

  • The only self-operation WorkForce Optimisation Software that utilizes artificial intelligence and machine learning to streamline the workforce planning process of massive organizations that produces the highest accuracy in the market.
  • A Meta-accredited automated chatbot system designed to enhance customer engagement and gather data with consent in the realms of social media and e-commerce.
  • AI-powered volume-hiring solution to assess candidates beyond language – correlating top employee performance to soft skill assessments for dramatically better hiring As the Philippines progresses through innovation, SCIS also provides IT development and services primarily focused on the EMEA market. This creates an avenue to demonstrate the skills and competencies of Filipino IT developers on a global stage.

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